White Rose - Ravna Gora, Gorski Kotar

Bijela ruža - Aktivnosti

Our guests can enjoy the virgin nature and fresh air, take a walk gathering mushrooms, blueberries and other forest fruits. The forests are rich in animal species such as bear, deer, deer, fox, wolf, lynx, wild boar, grouse, hawk, squirrel, etc., And numerous trees such as fir, spruce, beech, maple, ash, elm, wild cherry, etc.

Mountain lovers can hike on marked hiking trails of Ravna Gora. Gorski Kotar is rich with wild animals, so hunters will also enjoy exploring local woods and hills.

Lets not forget the fishermen, who can fish on rivers Kupa and Dobra and lakes Lokvarsko and Bajer, the waters abundants in fish. The adventure lovers can enjoy rafting on Kupa river.

Lokvarsko Lake is an artificial lake 2.1 km2 large, and 40 m deep, which extends to the foothills of Risnjak mountain. The visitors can walk along the lake, swim in the summer, or fish all year round. One of the largest trouts in the world was caught in this lake!

At 819 meters above sea level, Ravna Gora is suitable for the high-altitude training of athletes. The athletes can use a football field located in Ravna Gora, the sports center with the swimming pool in Delnice and Vrbovsko (located within 15 km pf the White Rose), and the skating rink in in Delnice. Bowling lovers can bowl in one of the most modern bowling center in Croatia.

Ski resorts are located in Mrkopolje and Delnice. Guests can go sledding on a hill near White Rose, or in Kupjak, 6 km away. We provide our guests with the sleds.

There are so manu natural beauties in the surrounding area, such as:

  • Zeleni Vir i Vrazji prolaz, protected landscapes
  • Kamacnik canyon in Vrbovsko
  • Forest Park Golubinjak in Lokve
  • Caves in Lokve and Fuzine, Lokvarsko Lake
  • Lake Bajer and Lepenice in Fuzine
  • White and Samarske rocks near Mrkopalj
  • Source of Kupa and Čabranke rivers
  • Rivers Čabranka, Kupa and Dobra
  • National Park Paklenica
  • Bijelolasica, Sneznik and Risnjak mountains
  • Orlove rocks
  • Javorova kosa and Boziji studenac in Ravna Gora

We also have to mention the cultural monuments:

  • The old castle Susica in Ravna Gora
  • Kastel Banjol in Čabra
  • Zrinsko-Frankopan castle in Severin na Kupi
  • Zrinsko-Frankopan castle in Brod na Kupi
  • Various sacral objects
  • Westernmost Orthodox monastery in Gomirje
  • Frog Museum in Lokve
  • Ivan Goran Kovacic Museum in Lukovdol

Cyclists can enjoy riding bicycle on 150 km long marked bicycle path, we offer the bicycles for rent. Motorcyclists can enjoy riding on more than 300 dirt forest roads.

Bike rental
1 hour ... ... ... 25.00 kn
2 hours ... .... 45.00 kn
3 hours ... .... 60.00 kn
All day ... 90.00 kn
Weekend ... ... 160.00 kn


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